Jody’s Devotionals

This blog is created to replace the Yahoo! mailing list for Jody’s Devotionals. Users there will be notified to unsubscribe and subscribe here. We will cross-post tomorrow (1/3/07) through Friday (1/5/07), but will assume by then that everyone who wants to has subscribed.

Why the new location?

First, it gives people better opportunities to subscribe than an e-mail list, using RSS, e-mail, or simply going and viewing the blog.
Second, unlike Yahoo!, which has the RSS and direct viewing options, it is hosted on one of our own domains and thus will not have lots of random advertising that we don’t control.
Third, readers will now be able to respond online. With Yahoo! we could either permit everyone to contribute, which would change the nature of the list from a once per day devotional to a discussion list, or we could limit the contributions to our own. Here you can subscribe to the devotionals, but comments attached to them will not be included in your e-mails.

We (both Henry and Jody Neufeld) apologize for the inconvenience of changing format yet again, thank you for your patience, and hope you have a blessed New Year!

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