Tuesday Morning Devotion (Knowing)

(9) But now that you know God, or better that you are known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and helpless elements? How can you want to be their slaves? — Galatians 4:9

(21) Their leader will come from them,
Their ruler from among them.
I will bring him close to me,
And he will come near to me.
For who is the one who will devote himself
to coming near to me? — Jeremiah 30:21

Recommended reading: Psalm 139

A young man once asked me just what somebody had to know in order to be saved. In some ways that’s a good question. If you are sharing your testimony with someone, what is it that you’re going to tell them? After all, it does make a difference whether you tell them to put their trust in Jesus or to make every effort to live a good life so that God will accept them? (Hint: Trusting in Jesus is good!)

But it seems that we have an ingrained need to earn things. Grace sounds easy, but it’s hard to accept. It’s easy to become convinced that there’s something more that you need to do in order to earn God’s favor.

The Galatians had this very human problem. Paul taught them about God’s grace and about how Jesus had come in and invaded the devil’s kingdom and made them his heirs. They received Paul’s message joyfully and became followers of Jesus. Then along came some other teachers and said there were a number of things they had to do.

Now we should be clear that there are things that happen after you receive salvation. But those are more of God’s grace being poured out on you as his heir. These teachers wanted the Galatians to do some more things so that they could be saved. I imagine they thought something like this: I knew it! It was just too easy! God does want us to jump through some hoops before we get to really be his children.

But that’s not how it works. It’s not what you know, and it’s not even who you know. It’s the one who knows you. While we were still sinners, while we had no idea who he was or that we needed him, Jesus came, lived as a human being, died, was raised, and ascended into heaven—for you, for me. It’s an amazing thing. It really is just that simple.

Now when God is drawing near to us, drawing us in, we do have to go. But God is the one who starts things, he is the one who will lead us, and he is the one who will complete the process.

So here’s all you need to let someone know in order to bring them to Jesus. There really is enough grace. How much? However much is needed. No shortage. It’s the one thing that’s too good to be true, but still is.

Do you recognize that Jesus knows you?

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