God Loves, Part II

Will you compare God to anyone?

What man-made image will you compare Him to? Isaiah 40:18 (my paraphrase)

Before mountains came to be, or you birthed the world, you are God forever and ever.

Psalm 90:2 (my paraphrase)

Maybe this all-powerful, in-need-of-nothing God isn’t aware that I am here and struggling!

For GOD so loved the world… John 3:16 (NIV)

As a parent, I have seen my child’s shoulders slump in that moment of defeat. Hours of practice in a gym instead of going to the movies with friends, has come down to a 2-3 minute balance beam routine…Oh, no…a tiny bobble and off the side of that four-inch beam. No medal today. I put my arms around her and say, “It will be OK.” Seems inadequate but if you asked my daughter today, 15 years later she would say, “Yes, it was OK.”

There are so many accounts in the gospels of Jesus touching people. He was not a ‘distant’ person. He held children. He touched the lepers. He touched the prostitute. He touched the boy with seizures. He touched. He did not stay inside the synagogue expecting people to come to Him. He went out into the streets. He went into homes. He came close and met people where they were and helped them to move closer to Him and closer to His Father.

God is whispering those same words today, “It will be OK,” with His arms around us. Believe Him. Listen to His voice. He knows!

He is God so He will never tire.

He is God so He will never age and leave us.

He is God so He will never let us down.

He is God and is everlasting. He has always been and will always be.

He is God, Creator of all and so He has a special place for us when we are sick and tired and ready to go home.

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