God Loves, Part IV

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 (NIV, emphasis mine)

Did Jesus have any sins?

Yes. He did.

He had my sins.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He laid down His life for His sheep. (John 10:11) I am a sheep.

Every time I come to communion I hear, “This is My Body given for you” and “This is My Blood which is poured out for you”. (Luke 22:19, 20)

Jesus, God-in-the-flesh, took my sins to the cross, laid down and allowed Himself to be broken – for my sins. He does it for whosoever.

This is a text from evangelist and pastor, Rev. Steve Hill. I first heard this during the Pensacola Outpouring Revival in 1996.

Whosoever is:

Everybody, Anybody

Everyone, him, her, them, they, those, me, you, us

Ourselves, themselves, you-ins, ya’ll, us-ins, we, we-ins, youse guys, you guys

All, each person, that person, all the people

Kids, adolescents, old folks, young folks, city slickers, farm boys, home boys, hamburger flippers, ice cream dippers, teeter-totter riders, fearless sky divers, short order cooks, and collectors of books

Smart people that teach and moochers that leach

Michiganers from Calamazoo, citizens from Timbuktoo,

Butchers, bakers, and candle stick makers

You can be big, small, tall, short

Full-headed, grey-headed, or baldheaded, headed for bald-headed

Big-boned, medium-boned, or small boned,

Blonde hair, black hair, green hair or gross hair

Red, yellow, back, or white, you are precious in His sight!

You can be sorta bad, sorta really bad, really, really bad, or badest of bad or king of bad!

You can live uptown, downtown, out of town, suburbs, big house, small house, no house, jailhouse, or little house on the prairie

a pits house in Pittsburgh, or Days Inn in downtown Dayton.

You can be from West Africa, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Saudia Arabia, Mexico, South Korea, Virgin Islands, Canada, Scotland, Norway, Italy, Finland, or BoBo, Alabama.

You can be a Jew from Jerusalem or a Gentile from Jacksonville, you can play a banjo or be named Joe and play in the band

You can be so small that you can say the ABCs backwards or be so backwards, you never learned the ABCs.

You can be patriotic wearing red, white, and blue and sitting by your friend with a big tattoo!

You can make your living churning delicious homemade butter or spend everyday collecting cans from the gutter!

You can play the guitar and be an international star or be a clown in the circus driving the world’s smallest car!

You can be the tidiest person this world has ever known or live like a pig with garbage in your home!

You can keep up with the Jones’ or be the Jones’ housekeeper or be the coolest dude in school with the largest fluorescent beeper!

You can be a shepherd from the hills or a pusher of pills. A wise man from afar or a soap opera star!

You can smell like Chanel and live like a queen or make your abode in an alley wearing tattered Levi jeans!

You can drive a BMW and wear flashy Italian suits or ride an Appaloosa sporting pointed cowboy boots!

It doesn’t make a difference if you’re happy or you’re blue!

Just call upon the Lord – WHOSOEVER – that’s YOU! Rev. Steve Hill

God loves. God gave. Whosover may live.

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