“I’m a big girl Christian!”

We must stop judging others. We must also make up our minds not to upset anyone’s faith…Don’t let your appetite destroy someone Christ died for. Romans 14:13, 15 (CEV)

“I’m a big girl Christian!” That is an identification that I have found myself saying recently. I said it to my pastor the other day. I told him that our new contemporary service would have more music, a strong message, and prayer time if it was designed to suit me. “But I am a big girl Christian so I can worship any way!”

Corporate worship is about coming together as a Body of Christ and worshiping our Lord. There are many people who haven’t been to church in a very long, long time who are coming to this “new” service and they are excited by it. And in my balance scale – that is more important than my worship preferences. I can put CDs in my player at home and I can sing and sing and sing and sing. I can pause the CD and pray. I can lift my hands and dance before the Lord and He is honored and pleased with that. God is pleased when I serve others and He is pleased when I worship. Serving is worship.

In corporate worship, my eyes are on God and so the ‘me’ is not in the equation except in serving. When Jesus gave us the perfect example in the Last Supper there was: leaders serving, the truth of God’s Word spoken, prayer, and there was reconciliation in the communion. “Do this in remembrance of me.” Jesus said. Be a servant. Think of others before yourself. For many years, when I receive communion I make this simple affirmation, “I am with Him and He is with me.” Oh, that I would live my life with that not only engraved on my heart but the life in my words and deeds!

As we go to worship on this Sabbath, let us consider our thoughts and our prayers. Are we there to worship our Lord and Savior? Do I bring my life to God as a Living Sacrifice … holy and acceptable to Him? Oh, my Lord, how awesome You are! Holy, Holy, Holy! You are worthy of all my praise!

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