Songs Through the Ages

Sing to the LORD a new song, Psalm 149:1 (NIV)

Sometimes I have a problem praying. Shocked? Sometimes I have a problem expressing myself. Shocked again? People who know me would be shocked about both of my statements – but there it is!

One of the best personal Bible studies I ever did was reading through the psalms. I didn’t put a time frame one it. Some days I read a psalm and some days it was two or three. Other days I read the one from the day before – again. And then other days I read a psalm and went back to one I read another day compare or see something new that God was teaching me. There is a psalm for every emotion and every day in my life. I found a way to put words to my feelings. I found feelings to connect to God’s Word. And I found concrete lessons on how to spiritually grow!

Psalm 51 and 32 show me how to repent and be restored.

Psalm 1 sets a reachable standard (with His help!) for my life as God’s child.

Psalm 119 (yes the longest one!) is the relationship psalm for me!

Psalm 91 and 139 are the ones I read when I am hurting and need to be held and hear the love from my Father.

Whether it is the psalms or any other part of God’s inspired Word, I learn and see a ‘new song’ in my heart. And just think – I am speaking the same words that David and Jesus and Peter and Paul and thousands and thousands of God-lovers have spoke for centuries, expressing their love, fear, remorse, and praise to the One, the Only One! That is – WOW! The words are never stale! Hearing “I love you, Mom” from my daughter is different than hearing “I love you, Mom” from my son. Each grandchild has a special way of saying “Nanna”. I think God hears our voices the same. Each child special and precious and we can say the same psalm – and He is overjoyed to hear each child speak to Him. His love endures forever!!!

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