Is God Respectable Enough for You?

He went out from there and came to his home country, and his disciples followed him. 2And when it was Sabbath, he began to preach in the synagogue, and many were amazed when they heard him. They said, “Where did this guy get these things, and what is this wisdom that has been given to him, and the these miracles that happen through his hands? 3Is this not the carpenter, the son of Mary and the brother of James and Justus and Jude and Simon? Are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended by him. 4And Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and among his relatives and in his household.” 5And he wasn’t able to perform any miracles except to place his hands on a few sick people and heal them. 6And he was amazed because of their unbelief. Then he traveled in the surrounding villages teaching. — Mark 6:1-6 (HN)

Do you have a really firm idea of how a respectable God will behave and who he can work with?

Think about it for a moment!  It sounds odd when I put it so directly, but have you never wished that God would do things in a more respectable way?  Have you never encountered someone else who thought that?

Korah, Dathan, and Abiram were offended that God had chosen one person to lead and one family to be priests (Numbers 16).  God just wasn’t respectable enough for them.  A respectable God would have chosen pillars of the community, like them!

Balaam was offended that God spoke through his donkey (Numbers 22).  A respectable God would have sent an angel that was visible to the human prophet.

The king of Israel was offended because Amos came from Judah, and wasn’t trained as a prophet.  A respectable God would have found a better person.

Jesus was born of a virgin, in a small town, to a relatively poor family, in Galilee, which just wasn’t a respectable territory.  Now we believe in the virgin birth, but imagine what the opponents of Jesus thought about it?  Do you note that they mention his mother, his brothers, and even his sisters, but not his father?  A respectable God would have made sure that Joseph and Mary were married before Jesus was conceived, even if it was going to be a virgin birth.

Jesus died on the cross.  A respectable God would have arranged a better death, assuming he had to die at all.  It just wasn’t nice!

Is God respectable enough for you?

Will you listen if he talks to you through a child?  Will you listen if his message comes through a homeless person?  Can you still hear him if the music isn’t up to your standards?  Can you hear his voice if your pastor’s grammar isn’t perfect?  Are you open to correction by the young person that you know has led a sinful life?  Can you hear his voice through the mouth of another person in your church even if you changed their diapers when they were young?

Is God respectable enough for you?

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