My Prayer List

Trust in Yahweh with all your heart, and don’t lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.        Proverbs 3:5-6 (WEB)
I have a long list of prayer concerns these days. Those who are acutely ill, going through very difficult cancer treatment, having surgery, are awaiting test results, or hurting in relationships seem almost too numerous to count! I was just telling God that I feel “overwhelmed”. And that is where I stopped. I was speaking to God. He does not get overwhelmed!
The first word of this very familiar Proverb passage is TRUST. To put my confidence in God is not an ‘iffy’ decision. Either I trust God or I do not. It is not a half-step measure. It is one side of the line or the other. If I say I trust God for these people that I lift in prayer and then worry – I am not trusting God for them! I am offering this person to God – and then I am taking them back again to carry on my own.
“What if God doesn’t answer my prayer the way I expect? The way I ask?” Ah-ha! There is the real question. Do I trust God for whatever His plan may be? And if God is not going to do things the way I ask – then why ask in the beginning?
Prayer is conversation with God. It is speaking and listening. Someone that I love has a need. I ask God to meet that need. I ask God to heal that person. I believe and know that God can heal. That is what I ask and that is what I believe. I trust God with everything that I am! I do not understand all that God does and what it means. I just don’t! However, I do believe that however the answer comes, God is the One who gives the answer. I know that how ever much I love that person that God loves them more so God’s answer to my prayer will be the best answer for that person. The answer will be perfect because it came from God. It can be no other way.
My path is straight today because I am laying each burden down and put all my prayers, my hope, my confidence in my Lord and my God. There is no other that I would entrust with these very special people. I will not turn to the right or left but trust God for all!
Thank You, Lord! Thank you.
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