The Story

All those listed above include fourteen generations from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the Babylonian exile, and fourteen from the Babylonian exile to the Messiah.     Matthew 1:17 (NLT)

Forty-two generations waited for a Messiah. And some are still waiting.

When I remember my life before I knew Jesus, I am humbled by the indescribable gift I have been given and am awed by the distance that Jesus has brought me. The distance is so great that I could not have bridged the distance in my own strength. Truly He took my heart of stone and gave me a tender, spirit-filled-up heart (Ezekiel 36:26).

I read several blogs and emails every day from Christians who share their hearts. One such email asked the question that if I am aware of the truly extra-ordinary gift that I have been given through Jesus the Christ, then am I willing to share it with others? Am I selfish? Am I scared? Am I shy? Do I think it is not my job but the job of pastors or evangelists or whoever that I think knows enough about Jesus?

Most of us who live in the West will never have to choose our faith or life. But I believe that daily I am given opportunities to share my life with others and as a Christian, sharing my life is sharing Jesus. As an ambassador of the Christ, as His disciple, I am a reflection of who He is. People who see me, should see Him. Is my life that transparent?

Generations have left me their legacy of obedience and disobedience. The Bible and others that I personally know speak to me, offering their stories from which I can learn. Am I listening? Am I learning? God wants me to learn. He wants me to grow and receive His strength that comes from knowing Him.

This is how Jesus the Messiah was born.     Matthew 1:18 (NLT)

As we continue through this Advent season, may we ingest the story into our very being. May it be what it is. It is more than a nice story in a children’s play. It is Life. Take some time today and read the first chapter of Matthew. Yes, there is a list of names but maybe that will bring to mind your list of names. Your list of family that know the Lord and have spoken into your life. Or maybe there are those on the list who decided not to acknowledge they need a savior. Pray for them. God desires that all would know Him (1 Timothy 2:4). Here is one of those opportunities. This is part of The Story.

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