First Century Church Wanted

Pay attention, my children!

Follow my advice, and you will be happy.

Listen carefully to my instructions, and you will be wise.

Come to my home each day and listen to me.

You will find happiness.

By finding me, you find life, and the LORD will be pleased with you.

But if you don’t find me, you hurt only yourself,

and if you hate me, you are in love with death.       Proverbs 8:32-36 (CEV)

Often I hear people say that they wished they were “part of a first century church”. I don’t think we understand what that really means. We want the “wonders and miraculous signs” (Acts 2:43). But..

Are we willing to meet daily? (Acts 2:46)

Are we devoted to our Bible study? (Acts 2:42)

Are we devoted to prayer? (Acts 2:42)

Do we have everything in common with people in our fellowship? (Acts 2:44)

Are we willing to sell our possessions and give to those in need? (Acts 2:45)

The life of a disciple of Jesus is that – I choose to follow Jesus wherever He may lead. Jesus’ life here on earth ended at a Roman crucifixion. Jesus had to go through Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before the victory of Resurrection Sunday. He asked for a “pass” from the Father in Gethsemane but the Father said, “No”. Jesus showed me that there is a cost to following Him.

When are we going to get it? When are we going to decide that our life with Jesus is more important than anything else? When will we seek, go after, make God’s Kingdom FIRST and trust Jesus for the rest?

That doesn’t mean giving up my job and expecting God to drop ship food and household money to my door every day. It does mean spending more time focused on God than on making money! It does mean sharing Jesus’ Good News with my children, my grandchildren, and others that God’s Spirit brings into my life.

Yes, I want to be a part of a first century church. I want to be connected with Believers who want to grow into that relationship with Jesus. I want to be with people who are devoted and giving and committed to Jesus Christ. I begin with my personal relationship with Jesus. And then I ask Him to show me where to connect.

No church is perfect. Someone shared a story with me about their church: Two families in the church were going through great hardship with illness. The pastor announced in their services that they would not have “usual service” but would spend the time in prayer for these families. I know other stories about this church that tells me that it isn’t a perfect church – but I believe they were found pleasing in God’s eyes on that day.

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