God Blesses

reprinted from May 10, 2010

[I have numbered the lines, not as verses, but as reference points.]

1. God blesses those people who depend only on him.  They belong to the kingdom of heaven!

2. God blessed those people who grieve.  They will find comfort!

3. God blesses those people who are humble.  The earth will belong to them!

4. God blesses those people who want to obey him more than to eat or drink.  They will be given what they want!

5. God blesses those people who are merciful.  They will be treated with mercy!

6. God blesses those people whose hearts are pure. They will see him!

7. God blesses those people who make peace.  They will be called his children!

8. God blesses those people who are treated badly for doing right.  They belong to the kingdom of heaven.                                          Matthew 5:3-10 (CEV)

I think it is a very good idea to read a familiar passage in a translation that you do not normally use.  It may bring a new insight into the passage.  I see more about God.

#1 This translation tells me that when I am “poor” in my own spirit – I have nothing to do but depend on God.  When I weakest, God says, “You are mine, child, and I will take care of you.”

#2 God sees my tears.  He knows what grieves my heart.  God’s comfort covers my questions, my depression, my pain, my confusion, my anger, and brings it all back into alignment and total healing!

#3  I think of Mother Theresa and some others I personally know who do so much – but look for nothing in return.  They quietly go about doing what God has asked of them and receive their reward at the hand of God.  We talk about what they do – too often when they have moved away or died.  They have power in this world because they see no power in themselves…just in their Lord.

#4 To desire such a close relationship with God that there is nothing to do but be obedient will fill me like no baby-back ribs or chocolate éclair ever could!!!  I want that!  And I claim the promise that God will give me what I want!

#5 Mercy – undeserved forgiveness.  Do you know someone that you need to extend that to?  Is there something that you need to ask for forgiveness from God?   Do it today.  Quit putting it off!  There will be a time that you will need forgiveness so make sure you are making deposits into your Forgiveness Account.  Deposits come when God forgives you and it happens when you extend that same forgiveness to another! You do not want to be caught ‘overdrawn’ in your Forgiveness Account.

#6 What makes your heart pure?   The word ‘pure’ means ‘clean’, ‘untainted’, and ‘not polluted’.  So what in your life is a pollutant to your heart?  I think that to answer that personally and truthfully, you have to be willing to let God examine your heart and y our lifestyle and see what that is.  For me it’s not the TV and movie theaters.  It is un-forgiveness and injustice and suffering of the innocent that can take root in my heart.  It contaminates that place where Jesus wants to live.  So – sweep it out!  Don’t let it in the door!  “How do you avoid temptation?”  “Run the other way!” says Rev. Steve Hill.  Good word!

#7 I don’t think a peacemaker is necessarily a pacifist.  If you were raised in a family with many siblings, I would imagine there was a peacemaker.  Someone who wanted everyone to get along.  Someone who tried to connect with ‘dueling parties’ and tried to help them find a point of common interest to ‘get along’.  And so there are peacemakers in God’s family.  They do not battle because they know that God has already drawn the lines and He is the only one who can judge who crossed it and who didn’t.  He is the Father.  I am the child.  I need to keep my place and not try to take His!

#8  I only need God’s approval.  If I know that then I also know that I will receive criticism from others, even friends, who do not see me on the ‘right’ path.   When I seek God and seek His way, check my path against His example and His words, I learn the sound of His Spirit and I walk in His Way.  It’s about God’s Kingdom.  It always is.



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