Life Words

Jesus Heard You
from He Lives, He Comforts  (ISBN#978-0800760519, July 1977)
by Corrie ten Boom

Jesus heard when you prayed last night.
He talked with God about you.
Jesus was there when you fought your fight,
he is going to bring you through.

Jesus knew when you shed those tears,
you did not weep alone.
The burdens you thought too heavy to bear,
he made them his very own.

Jesus himself was touched by that trial,
you could not understand.
Jesus stood by as you almost fell
and lovingly clasped your hand.

Jesus cared when you bore that pain,
indeed, he bore it too.
He felt each pain, each ache in your heart,
because of his love for you.

Ms. ten Boom’s words could have been written within the psalms. Her experience in Ravensbruck concentration camp gave her a wealth of wisdom and encouragement that continues to bless so many of us over 50 years later.

It’s hard to remember that in whatever circumstances God has the last word – and it is victory! The voice that whispers inside my head that God is ‘way off and isn’t interested in what unimportant me is doing or He has bigger problems than mine to handle. My own shortcomings or sins add to the doubt that God is or will become an active part of my life.

My Bible has, besides a small concordance, two lists in the back of it. The first is a list of “Promises” with related Scripture references. The second is a list of Scriptures on “Perspectives” or “What to read when:”. If you don’t happen to have those features in your Bible, go to’s book store and check out The Bible Promise Book (ISBN#: 978-1557481764) which is available ‘used’ for one penny! These ‘tools’ have been invaluable during times when finding the impetus to begin my own search for words of truth, encouragement, and strength were just too much for my “feeble limbs” (Hebrews 12:12).

Jesus, by His example, gives me footsteps to place my own feet in as I walk through difficult seasons in my life. He shows me how to persevere and keep focused on the goal He has for me. The Hope that is Jesus is the anchor when sickness, failing relationships, financial burdens, and events that may seem random and horrific try to demolish the peace and balance in my life. The closer I walk with Him the better I can hear and copy His life.

If you have never read some of Ms. ten Boom’s, or haven’t recently, I encourage you to do so. I cannot imagine her daily life in a concentration camp but she does an excellent job sharing her experience with Jesus in her writings. Every word shared is connected to Jesus and Him crucified and victorious.

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