There Is A Famine

Hear this! The days are coming— 
this is the declaration of the Lord GOD—
when I will send a famine through the land:
not a famine of bread or a thirst for water,
but of hearing the words of the LORD.
People will stagger from sea to sea and roam from north to east,
seeking the word of the LORD,
but they will not find it.            Amos 8:11-12 (HCSB)

How much time did I give out of yesterday’s 24 hours to reading and thinking about what God was saying to me? How much time did I give to talking to Him (that’s prayer!) about concerns, whether they were about myself or family or friends or even people I do not know? Did I “miss” time with God? Did I notice?

It is so easy to get caught up in all the many demands on my time and energy. Most demands are “good” things. They are about family, my job, and people who who have many needs. I love doing things that encourage people. All of these are “good”.

Does the fellowship that I am a part speak “the word of the LORD” or just tell me what I want to hear? Is there an expectation in the culture of the group that participation in small groups or Sunday School for study and learning is just part of discipleship? God’s messages are not always ‘easy’ or pleasant. Sometimes God has a message that will address the difficulties in my life. Are those who are gifted to teach and preach willing to talk about suffering and the silence of God or what it means to be a disciple instead of a Believer? Is there outreach to the whole community without filtering for race, ‘class’, or even if they are Believers?

I cannot walk through Wal-Mart without seeing people who are hurt and starving for what Jesus has for them. There is a ‘famine’ or lack of fellowships that will be the places of healing that Jesus described (Mark 2:17) despite the fact that we have enough church space for everyone to have a seat in a pew in the United States. We are too often only long-term care facilities when we need intensive care units and rehabilitation centers for those whom Jesus looks at and is moved with compassion and feeds them.

Do we think there is plenty of time for the next generation to do the work? There are many excuses that come to mind but it all comes down to priorities and obedience. How long will I plug my ears and avert my eyes and pretend I just don’t see?

Take a step today. Make time with God the #1 task. Eat of His fresh Bread and drink the Living water He offers It may be 10 minutes but try 10 minutes more than we did yesterday. Listen. And then let us do what He puts into our hearts. Maybe it is committing to a small group. Maybe it is giving time to read or share about Him with those who are shut-in. Let us take fresh Bread or a cup of Living water to someone who is staggering and roaming before they die from the famine.


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