My Day with My LORD

I will tell about your goodness in the great meeting of your people. 
Lord, you know my lips are not silent.
I do not hide your goodness in my heart; I speak about your loyalty and salvation.
I do not hide your love and truth from the people in the great meeting.
Lord, do not hold back your mercy from me; let your love and truth always protect me.
Troubles have surrounded me; there are too many to count.
My sins have caught me so that I cannot see a way to escape.
I have more sins than hairs on my head, and I have lost my courage.
Please, Lord, save me.
Hurry, Lord, to help me.
People are trying to kill me.
Shame them and disgrace them.
People want to hurt me.
Let them run away in disgrace.
People are making fun of me.
Let them be shamed into silence.
But let those who follow you be happy and glad.
They love you for saving them.
May they always say, “Praise the Lord!”
Lord, because I am poor and helpless, please remember me.
You are my helper and savior. My God, do not wait. Psalm 40:9-17 (NCV)

I could not move away from this psalm yesterday. I kept reading it and letting it move over and through me.

I will speak about my LORD. This doesn’t mean that I have to stand in a pulpit or in front of a class. Every breath that I take is a testimony to the goodness of God. Rarely does a day go by that someone doesn’t call, text, or email me with a difficulty in their life. What is the best thing to do? It is an opportunity to pray. Right then.

Sin. Life. Every day. I sin every day. Whether it is losing my temper and being unkind or impatient, or turning to food instead of to God for my comfort, I sin. Do you ever think that you just can’t be forgiven again? That’s a lie. The psalmist tells about the feeling of being beaten down to the point of death. This world can be much more than I can walk through in my own strength. Making the “right” decision can seem more than I can do in my own wisdom. It is God who has the strength, the courage, the wisdom, the patience, the whatever-I-need to get through the day.

I am so weak by myself. “God, remember me.” I say this for my sake, not God’s. He doesn’t forget me. I am letting go of my fear of being alone. I am embracing my Creator, my LORD who has no equal. And yet He loves me. God loves me!

Let us not pull ourselves through another day but make the choice to meet with our LORD and turn over all that is heavy. Let us release the burdens of our heart and give them over to Jesus. As much as we love those who may be ill or lonely or struggling in many ways, their Creator God loves them more.

You are my helper and savior. My God, do not wait. Thank You, LORD. Thank You.

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