Why Did I Do That?

Those who get wisdom do themselves a favor, and those who love learning will succeed.    Proverbs 19:8 (NCV)

Fear of the Lord leads to life, bringing security and protection from harm.      Proverbs 19:23 (NLT)

Is there anyone reading this who has not ever asked this question? Any time I have looked back on my life and saw the “mistakes” that I made the reason I made the mistake has been obvious – lack of wisdom. That’s why looking back or “Monday morning quarterbacking” is so “DUH!” when I have the wisdom of hindsight. Solomon surely knew what he was doing when he chose to ask for wisdom from God above all else (1 Kings 5:3-12).

Whether it is a change in job or a change in where I live or both, life can be so very scary as I try to decide which way to go. I may try to apply sound reasoning as I make lists of the “pros and cons” of each option. And I don’t think God wants me to not use the brains He gave me but the step that I too often skip is asking God to give me His wisdom. Stop. Take the situation to God first. And then be open to all answers that He may give.

One of the hardest times to reach out to God for wisdom is in the midst of a health scare. When receiving the news of cancer or any of the many other life-threatening diseases, fear and panic often override all thoughts of wisdom. And then the anger that is a very real thread that runs through asking God “Why? What did I do to deserve Your curse?” It is so hard to know what to do in regards to treatments and many times it truly is the wisdom of God to know the best path to take. Oh, my friends, let me testify to you that Jesus will be there to hear it all! He will allow the fits of anger and sorrow and hold you in His strong, gentle arms while you let loose! And when you are exhausted, He will lift you and carry you through whatever is next.

Sometimes it is the simplest, every day moments when God’s wisdom is most needed. Knowing how to set priorities with my time and talents is so important and rarely taught in schools. And as I became an adult and moved out on my own, I struggled to know how to set and communicate the parameters of my life to my parents and others. Who but God knows my heart, my weaknesses, and the hearts of those around me so that I make the best decisions?

Solomon received the wisdom of God because he asked. God seemed very happy to give it! The apostle James said that God will give us all the wisdom we need (James 1:2-5). But while I first need to ask – I also need to take the time to LISTEN! Just like I tune in my radio to get a clear reception, so I need to tune in my ears to hear God and tune out the world’s way and even my way (Has it been working for me?). Solomon’s downfall came when he stopped listening to God and began to chase the approval of others and trying to win battles in his own wisdom and strength. When I am weakest, God is strongest (2 Corinthians 12:10). That is a word of wisdom.

Proverbs is all about wisdom. There may be something to the idea of reading the 19th Proverb today on the 19th day of the month. Take time. Read them slowly and with an open heart to hear God’s voice. Soak up what He is so freely giving – His wisdom, His knowledge.

In the Secret by Andy Park


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