Ancient Words? Eternal Words!

You are my portion,Lord; I have promised to obey your words.
58 I have sought your face with all my heart;
be gracious to me according to your promise.
59 I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statutes.
60 I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.
61 Though the wicked bind me with ropes, I will not forget your law.      Psalm 119:57-61 (NIV)

I remember when I was a teen how I thought my parents were so old! And actually they did have me a bit late in life but I was only interested in what was “Groovy!” and not old-fashioned. When I had the opportunity to travel a bit in Europe, I discovered a whole new definition of what was really old as they counted the age of homes and buildings not in decades but in centuries!

After I accepted that I was a sinner and needed Jesus to save me, I devoured His Word. I read Scripture at least an hour every day and that was in addition to the 3-5 hour worship service that I attended every evening. I just could not get enough of God’s words to me. There was so much there! And I was astounded how the message, the wisdom wasn’t out of date! They were written for me and what was going on in my life right then! Amazing!

And God’s message is still fresh and relevant to me nearly 20 years later. I read passages that I have read over and over and – God has something new to say to me again! It is like another miracle to me that words written thousands of years ago, applies to me right here in the 21st century! The words speak into my heart and change my stinky thinking! They correct and discipline me. No matter if I have read 2 Corinthians 1 twenty times, I still feel the healing balm of God’s comfort when I read it.

I love to read so it is no hardship for me to read texts. I know there are many for whom reading is not enjoyable or relaxing. So invest in your spiritual life and get an App for your phone. There are some great suggestions (many free) Remember: “The best Bible translation or version? It is the one you read.” – Henry Neufeld

Much of the contemporary worship music is Scripture set to music (much like the “old” hymns). As I have been writing this devotion, I am listening to “the best of Michael W Smith” on YouTube. There is a musical style for everyone in Christian music with the Bible providing the lyrics.

God’s Word is there to help me celebrate. It is there to correct me and teach me God’s way for my life. It is there to comfort, encourage, and strengthen me when I am beat up and exhausted. Timeless. Perfect. God in His Word.

Ancient Words written & sung by Michael W Smith



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