Twinkies? Or Brussel Sprouts?

My friend, Greg, invites me to his “Fishin’ Hole” blog in the mornings (you know you catch good fish at that time!) and I encourage you to read a recent text, “Eat the Spinach”. I was also driven to my Bible by J. Lee Grady this week and his thoughts about Rob Bell’s new book, “Love Wins”. I really like to read what people have to say when it makes me turn to God’s Word to “test” or explore deeper into God.

Many years ago, Rev. Steve Hill, an evangelist told me that sometimes God gave him “Twinkie Messages” and sometimes they were more like “Brussel Sprouts”. The thing is – I like Brussel Sprouts! But I could substitute that vegetable for eggplant and get the point!

God speaks to me. In His Word. By His Holy Spirit. Through fellow Believers. In all that He has created. Sometimes He is silent. He may be waiting for me to “get in position” to hear Him. I may be too busy, too distracted. I may be still convinced that I can work the situation out myself, with my own brain and good sense.

I believe that sometimes when God seems silent to me – He is actually speaking something I do not want to hear. God is the perfect parent and sometimes parents must say “No”. Children would rather their parents always say “Yes”. Example: You’re in the grocery store with your children doing the shopping for dinner. They want hot dogs and hamburgers. You say “No” because you are planning a dinner for some guests who will join the family. The children do not want to hear this. They may even “pitch a fit”. Their ears are deaf to anything except what they want.

(Watch as I step ‘way out on a limb!) It is in the very difficult questions, when I perceive that God is not responding in a way that He has responded in the past that my ears become distant to His voice. Issues like healing vs death, heaven and hell and who goes where, God’s call on my life and how He wants me to use my gifts in His Kingdom are all difficult with “God answers” that are specific for each person and each situation. The one question that has only one answer is: Does God really love me? The answer is an emphatic, resounding “YES!”.

It is that voice that is speaking that answer that I want my ears to always hear. I may not always like God’s answers but I pray, I desire, to never doubt the love of my Father. Like the child that I am, I may turn away and lock myself in my room when I do not get what I want. But like most children who know their parents love them, I will come out and I will rejoin my family. My Father and I will sit together again and I will listen to His voice and receive His love.



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