Along the Path Summer Devotions, a gift for shut-ins only $5!

I have been writing a ‘daily devotion’ for over ten years. It began as an email to a few friends to encourage them as they began their work day. They would ‘forward’ the devotion on to others until I had a mailout of “the hundreds” every day. At the urging of several people from different parts of the country, I compiled a book, Daily Devotions of Ordinary People-Extraordinary God, in 2004. And then I began posting the daily devotions on this site and the number continues to grow!

This year, it came on my heart that there are people who do not have internet access for various reasons.

  • As a hospice nurse, some of my patients were in hospitals and long-term care facilities. They, too, need daily encouragement. Do you know someone like that? Does someone come to mind who would be blessed to have an affordable devotion book at their fingertips?
  • Maybe you are in the workforce and have a mandate in your office that you may not use the internet for personal use. This devotion book is perfect for that small place in your drawer or file cabinet, a daily reminder of Who is with you every step of the way!

Go to and order some copies to bless someone today!

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