Is God Real?

John’s followers told John everything that was being said about Jesus. So he sent two of them to ask the Lord, “Are you the one we should be looking for? Or must we wait for someone else?”     Luke 7:18-19 (CEV)

Have you ever wondered if God was real? If you have never doubted that, you are a blessed person and I hope you thank God every day for that gift. I am a member of the other group that has had times when I wondered whether God really existed. Now I am not an apologist. God did not gift me or call me to debate about His existence. And that isn’t what this devotion is about.

Thomas, the apostle, was not the only one to doubt the divinity of Jesus Christ. Luke and Matthew both share in their gospels that John the Baptist, the last one to proclaim like the prophets before him that the Messiah was coming, had his doubts. John was in prison at the time and there, for me, is the common denominator for those of us who doubted God. The question, “Where are You, God?” usually comes just before “God? Are You real?”

Throughout the Bible, I read story after story of people who are stunned, shocked, and angered when God does not answer or act in a way that seems within His character and in a way that He has acted in the past. He healed this person but then another person dies from their illness. He imparts forgiveness and compassion on a person or group of people and they are used to heal and reunite. Another group destroy each other in rage and misunderstanding. “Where are You, God?”

I have no definitive answer that will satisfy everyone in every situation. Right now, on July 23, 2013, the answer I live with is: if God is Creator of All and all-powerful and all-knowing, I, in my limited intellect and reasoning as a human, cannot understand all that He does or doesn’t do. That means I must live by faith. The faith that I live on comes from my long-term relationship with God and my observation and testimony of others. If I am not putting in the time and effort in that relationship and spending time with others in this faith walk, then during times of doubt, it will seem that I am in a desert. And that is a good way to die.

In a few weeks, my husband and I are going to open our home on Thursday nights for fellowship. It’s going to be known as “Communion Night.” All are invited to come. Bring a dish or drink to share or don’t. There is no study planned. It is a time to break bread together and laugh and encourage each other. We are not alone. We are there to love and provide strength to the weary and receive the same when we ourselves need it.

I hope that each of us will pay attention to our spiritual health. It is not something that can be maintained without intentional choices and input. One hour a week will not do it. It cannot be done as a solo. It is a team effort. Faith is personal, not private.

Jesus said to the messengers sent by John, “Go and tell John what you have seen and heard. Blind people are now able to see, and the lame can walk. People who have leprosy are being healed, and the deaf can now hear. The dead are raised to life, and the poor are hearing the good news. 23 God will bless everyone who doesn’t reject me because of what I do.”     Luke 7:22-23 (CEV)

Come to Jesus written and sung by Chris Rice


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