Almighty God

From east to west, the powerful Lord God has been calling together everyone on earth.
2 God shines brightly from Zion, the most beautiful city.

3 Our God approaches, but not silently;
a flaming fire comes first, and a storm surrounds him.
4 God comes to judge his people.
He shouts to the heavens and to the earth,
5 “Call my followers together!
They offered me a sacrifice, and we made an agreement.”

6 The heavens announce,
“God is the judge, and he is always honest.”

7 My people, I am God! Israel, I am your God.
Listen to my charges against you.
8 Although you offer sacrifices and always bring gifts,
9 I won’t accept your offerings of bulls and goats.

10 Every animal in the forest belongs to me,
and so do the cattle on a thousand hills.
11 I know all the birds in the mountains,
and every wild creature is in my care.

12 If I were hungry, I wouldn’t tell you, because I own the world and everything in it.
13 I don’t eat the meat of bulls or drink the blood of goats.
14 I am God Most High!
The only sacrifice I want is for you to be thankful and to keep your word.
15 Pray to me in time of trouble.
I will rescue you, and you will honor me. Psalm 50:1-15 (CEV)

Psalms are, like most songs, good words to think about. They paint pictures in our minds. They can “flesh out” the skeleton of what we believe to be true.

Our God is mighty and Creator of all! I have a friend who has recently been seeing the world with a new perspective through the lens of a camera. She has been sharing her new adventure on FB and it has just so blessed me! We just released a new book this week, Letters to my Grandson, in which author, Dr. Bruce Epperly, shares a new perspective of life and faith through his infant grandson. It was no hardship to me to work on this project because I was learning something new too! Too often I race through this life and miss so much about my LORD.

God: All-powerful!

God: My fair and righteous Judge!

God: He does not accept my prideful offerings but is pleased with a humble, obedient and thankful heart.

God: When I am weak and turn to Him with a desperate heart, He hears and answers me.

I am a child who looks to her Father for everything because He is everything! That is just a wonderful, awesome perspective!

Awesome God written by Rich Mullins and sung by Michael W. Smith


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