“The Kingdom of Heaven is like…”

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like…”     Matthew 13:24 (WEB)

Yesterday I learned that the Kingdom of Heaven is in me even though I am ‘way imperfect! Today, God led me to the parables in Matthew 13 to read how Jesus tries to tell what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. Take out your Bible and join me in Matthew 13:

vv. 24-30 God sows His good Word in my heart. He teaches me so that good fruit (check Galatians 5) will grow in me. The enemy also sows seeds; destructive seeds. God does not prevent the seeds from being sown. He could but He doesn’t. Remember in Matthew 5 that Jesus even said that the sun and rain comes to evil and good. Not until Judgment Day does sifting harvest occur.

vv. 31-32 God may call me to the smallest of jobs by the world’s standard but God can take that small, insignificant seed and make it BIG in His Kingdom.

vv. 33 The yeast of God’s goodness can work all through me and affect everything that I do. Remember Jesus also warned that yeast not of Him can also affect me. (yeast of the Pharisees, Luke 12:1)

vv. 44-45 When you find the treasure in your walk with God – it is worth whatever the price. You may think you have lost the big home, many clothes, big vacations, but you will find what will never rust or decay in Jesus.

vv. 47-50 The Kingdom of Heaven has all kinds of fish. Jesus casts His net wide and long. It is at Judgment Day that the fish will be divided, until then, we are all together!

vv. 52 Jesus ends this series of parables telling us that in the storeroom we bring out new and old treasures. In my heart, Jesus will bring treasures that have remained fresh for 2000 years. He will also bring new treasures that do not replace the old but, in fact, bring a bountiful harvest in my heart.

The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now in me and that means it is not the perfection that it will become when Jesus comes as King of Kings. How the Kingdom will live and grow in me depends on my choices. All that I need to glorify God’s Kingdom is available to me – but will I choose to follow Jesus and build the Kingdom by His example and choose my own plan. Seems like a no brain-er but in the choices there will be a ‘letting go’ of what may be easy and what may be expected by the world.

The Kingdom of Heaven – it’s where there is God’s grace and mercy. Is it in me?

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