“Light has come into the world…”   John 3:19  (NIV)

Today I have a full schedule and many things demanding my attention.  On a day like today it would be so easy to move my time with God to “I’ll do it later.”  And, yes, I agree that becoming too rigid or legalistic is a slippery slope that can make this intimate, special time into a ‘have to’ time that produces no fruit!  But if I am listening to God’s Spirit speak to mine — we will find our time together!

In this hectic day, this verse encourages me on several levels.  First, Jesus is here! His presence is with every step I take.  He knows my life and has already walked the road we are on.  Second, no matter what the ‘dooms day’ media commentary may say — I do have hope and a future! I remember that I am an alien in this world and nothing is a permanent situation for me.  This means that I hang in there during the tough times (because they will end!) and I savor the wonderful times (because they, too, will end!).  I have a Savior.  I have an eternal promise!  I have Light!  Third, I am reminded that God desires that all come to know Him and His saving grace so He is going to put opportunities in my day to share His love.  In a dark world, I can carry the Light.  WOW.

Today I will be thinking about this phrase and watching with expectation to see what God will do.

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