In a Few Words

Last week Rev. Steve Hill sent this quote as part of the devotion he sends out. The words have not left me. I felt compelled to share them with you.

Believe under a cloud, and wait for Him when there is no moonlight nor starlight.  Let faith live and breathe. Lay hold of the sure salvation of God when clouds and darkness are about you and appearance of rotting in the prison before you.  Take heed of unbelieving hearts, which can father lies about Christ.  Who dreams that a promise of God can fail, fall asleep or die?  Who can make God sick, or His promises weak?

Hold fast to Christ in the dark and surely you will see the salvation of God. Your adversaries are ripe and dry for the fire.  Yet a little while and they shall go up in a flame; the breath of the Lord, like a river of brimstone, shall kindle about them.

Look down your prayer list today and consider what Rev. Rutherford said almost 400 years ago. Let us pray and leave our requests with God.

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