Our God

No one is greater than God. So he made a promise in his own name when he said to Abraham, “I, the Lord, will bless you with many descendants!” Then after Abraham had been very patient, he was given what God had promised.        Hebrews 6:13-15 (CEV)

As a publisher, one of the key characteristics that I look for in a Christian book is relationship. Having a Biblical foundation is important but if what you are sharing with me is just theory and facts then it is not going to bring it ‘home’ into my heart until you bring that to my relationship with God.

Here in the midst of arguably one of the most difficult books of the Bible to understand, God presents me with a nugget that I can dig out and think about. I am shown the faithful promises of God from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

I take the first sentence and begin to worship God. The lyrics of Rich Mullins Awesome God come to my mind. No one is greater than Jehovah. He is Creator. He is Savior. He is Redeemer. He is Father. He is Friend. He is Spirit that speaks to my spirit when words fail me. He has always been. He will always be. I think of Agnus Dei by Michael W. Smith. It becomes so personal that I may end up on my face like John the Beloved (Revelation 1:17)

He has many names but calls Himself I AM. It is in His own name that He makes His promises. He has never broken any of His promises. I can count on Him when everyone else deserts me (Psalm 27:10). In seasons of my life when the winter seems desolate and long, God is there. He is my refuge and strength when trouble may appear to overwhelm me. It is His shield that covers me. It is His belt of truth that speaks to my spirit. It is His peace that cuts through and creates that calm that cannot be explained. It is His breastplate of our righteous relationship that reminds me of Whose I am.

I don’t know how truly patient Abraham was all those years between God’s promise and His fulfillment of that promise. The writer of Hebrews seems to take a bit of liberty with his view of the level of commendation that “the greats” deserve (Hebrews 11 list). Reading Abraham’s story or Moses’ story or Peter’s story tells me that it is not perfection but a willingness to be that brings victory. In every story, the opportunity for God and His child together accomplishing the goal is the power of the testimony.

So when God wanted to prove for certain that his promise to his people could not be broken, he made a vow. God cannot tell lies! And so his promises and vows are two things that can never be changed.

We have run to God for safety. Now his promises should greatly encourage us to take hold of the hope that is right in front of us. This hope is like a firm and steady anchor for our souls. In fact, hope reaches behind the curtain and into the most holy place. Hebrews 6:17-19 (CEV)

That Hope is Jesus Christ. He is the fulfillment of God’s promise to make a way for His children to be with Him in paradise for all eternity. A relationship for all eternity. If spending time with God is not something you look forward to and desire to do now, then make a change. Ask God to show you how He wants to bring you closer. Maybe it is in prayer, conversation. Maybe it is in worship. When you sing the songs or hymns, do you feel them? When you read God’s Word, does awe, joy, holy fear or reverence come on you? Take a step of faith and trust God in a way you never have. A relationship with God is alive which means it will always change and grow. Check the pulse of your relationship with God. Is it alive?

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