Open the Eyes of My Heart

A lot of Samaritans in that town put their faith in Jesus because the woman had said, “This man told me everything I have ever done.” They came and asked him to stay in their town, and he stayed on for two days.

Many more Samaritans put their faith in Jesus because of what they heard him say. They told the woman, “We no longer have faith in Jesus just because of what you told us. We have heard him ourselves, and we are certain that he is the Savior of the world!”     John 4:39-42 (CEV)

I know people who can tell you the day and time that they accepted Jesus as their Savior. I also know people who grew up knowing about Jesus and because He has always been a part of their life they do not have a single defining moment. As I talk with them, they have such a “glow” as they relate how Jesus has been there to guide them and hold them through different times. Both have testimonies to tell.

One of the biggest lies that the enemy, the accuser, will whisper in my ear is that whatever I am going through – I am the only one going through it. There isn’t anyone else going through exactly what I am so there is no one I can turn to. What a lie! First, it’s arrogant. Second, it’s a way to keep me isolated and spinning in my knowledge. I will get no input of truth, will I? I am hearing only one voice – mine.

Jesus could have gone out and ministered to people all by Himself. He didn’t need others because He wasn’t just a man. He was God! Jesus showed me the importance of having the “three” who are there to see it all. I don’t know it’s about the number but it is about an intimate number who really know who I am and are also actively growing in their relationship with Jesus. They are willing to love me and hold me accountable.

I often share here what J. Lee Grady writes and this week he wrote a blog, Whitney Houston and the Silent Shame of Addiction. I am appalled, disgusted even, at discussions about whether Ms. Houston (or anyone else for that matter!) is saved and in heaven. When did Jesus say that it was my job in His Kingdom to speculate or proclaim who has a saving relationship with Him??? Mr. Grady said, “What I can do is plead with Christians today to stop ignoring the monster of addiction that is killing so many people, including those who may be sitting next to you in church.” Whether it is alcohol or drugs or any other behavior that is placing someone that I know on a slippery slope, it is part of my life as a Believer to be willing to go and speak to that person in love and say, “I want to hold out a hand and encourage you. I am praying for you. Come on, dear one, let’s make a turn in the road to a better place. Listen to the One who loves you best.”

Let us not be “isolationist-Believers”. Let us follow Jesus’ example and live every aspect of our lives like He did. Be open to opportunities that His Holy Spirit may us direct us into, gently sharing what Jesus has done and encouraging about what He can do. May people we meet only remember Him and leave us closer to Him than when they arrived.

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