This is He

“This is My Servant; I strengthen Him, this is My Chosen One; I delight in Him.
I have put My Spirit on Him; He will bring justice to the nations.
He will not cry out or shout or make His voice heard in the streets.
He will not break a bruised reed, and He will not put out a smoldering wick;
He will faithfully bring justice.
He will not grow weak or be discouraged until He has established justice on earth.
The islands will wait for His instruction.”

This is what God, Yahweh, says— who created the heavens and stretched them out,
who spread out the earth and what comes from it, who gives breath to the people on it
and life to those who walk on it—
“I, Yahweh, have called You for a righteous purpose, and I will hold You by Your hand.
I will keep You and appoint You to be a covenant for the people and a light to the nations,
in order to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon,
and those sitting in darkness from the prison house.
I am Yahweh, that is My name;
I will not give My glory to another or My praise to idols.
The past events have indeed happened.
Now I declare new events; I announce them to you before they occur.”              Isaiah 42:1-9 (HCSB)

Lectionary texts for Holy Monday: Isaiah 42:1-9, Psalm 36:5-9, Hebrews 9:11-15, John 12:1-11

‘Way before I knew that I needed a savior, God knew. He planned. He spoke through His prophets to encourage His people not to despair or doubt that. He inspired and gave us His Word to continue to encourage us today. If we will take the time to read, meditate, and learn from Him. This week I am going to use the lectionary for each day. Will you join me in reading these four passages every day for the next five days?

In this passage I learn so much about my Savior, who is several hundred years before He will be born of a woman and yet already is.

Jesus is the complete God. Jesus is Creator, Savior, and Comforter. I do not pretend to understand what it means for Jesus to be Three and yet One. I just know that God is all that I need. He is all the wisdom and freely gives that. He is all the love and freely gives that.

Jesus did not come as a warrior. – the first time. Jesus teaches me the power that is available to me without violence, anger, but by being a servant. It is Jesus the Servant who came as a lamb and taught me how to turn my cheek (Matthew 5:39) and forgive no matter how horrific the hurt (Luke 23:34). He made it clear that love was His primary command to me (Matthew 22:34-40).

Jesus is the arm of God’s justice. Less I forget, God is just. Jesus will come a second time and it will be with a sword as warrior, King, and Judge. All that I am will be laid out and be sifted through His justice. Am I living now in a way that I want laid before Him then?

God has kept His covenant. God promised salvation for His people. Jesus is the way to my eternal reward that He has promised (John 14:6). It is this covenant that so many (as I was) are blind to see.

God will accept only my total allegiance. God will not tolerate a division in my allegiance. He is #1 in my life or not. There is no taking a bit from Him and a bit from the world and trying to balance my life to please both. I must die to my way and my plan and my knowledge and take up my cross with Jesus and follow Him through the steps that He will show me.

This week is the most precious week of the year to me. I always come out of this week closer to my LORD and more in love with Him; humbled by His love for me.

What Wondrous Love is This by Alexander Means/William Walker (1835) 



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