Refreshing Rain

Ask the Lord for rain in the spring, for he makes the storm clouds.
And he will send showers of rain so every field becomes a lush pasture.     Zechariah 10:1 (NLT)

I am turning my face up to receive the refreshing rain from God today, like a spring rain. I know those of you who are living in freezing temperatures might have to turn toward memories and remember that spring will come after the snows of winter but just close your eyes and think of that day when you step outside and smell that spring rain.

“Refreshing rain” has been a prayer on my lips and continuously in my spirit this week. Friends and family are going through treatments or supporting loved ones who are. My loving LORD is in “the miracle business” and I will not stop asking God for complete healing but in the “right now” my prayer often turns to asking that He bless them with courage and not let go of God’s hand for He is their strength. And in my spirit I can see them walking their own Calvary path. And so I ask for a refreshing rain to fall on them as they take one more step. And in that gentle rain, may they smell or sense the presence of God’s Spirit that will assure them they are not alone or forgotten by the One who loves them best.

I come from a family that were and are farmers. Farmers live their lives by the weather. When spring comes, everyone works long hard hours preparing the soil and planting. Spring rains are received with gratitude as they are gentle soaking rains that encourage the crops to grow and store water for the hot summer days that are coming. When the crops come into their harvest, everyone again works long, hot hours to bring in the bounty and do some replanting to bring in the fall harvest before the first frost. I remember my mother sweating over large pots as she took the blessings of the garden and “canned” many, many jars of vegetables (tomatoes, different kinds of peas and beans, corn) that would keep us through until the next year. After we got a big chest-size freezer, she had a slightly easier task of freezing the vegetables.

I guess this is why I see my life in “seasons.” I have learned to savor those times of spring rains, when God is pouring His love out on me in so many ways and the path I am walking gets easier. I see the times of trial and hard work as those long, hot summers when I call on those “spring rain” memories and keep my hands on the plow and eyes on Jesus, one more day. Then there is the cool winds of fall when I sense that a time of winter may be coming and I need to spend more time by the warmth of God’s fire, His Word, and get ready for the long dark days ahead. The winters of my life have been the most difficult times as they seem to last longer than the other seasons when I hear the howling winds and cannot see past the present darkness. And farmers know about the unexpected drought, flooding, and early freezing temperatures that can destroy a crop. What makes a farmer keep trying year after year? Because it is what they have been ‘called’ to do and they remember the years of bounty. Some might call it stubbornness but Scripture calls it perseverance (Romans 5).

So let us turn our faces up and receive the LORD’s refreshing rain today. May it encourage and strengthen us. May others see us and turn their faces up too. Let it rain, LORD!

Let it Rain written by Andy Park, sung by Lindell Cooley


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