The Law of the Lord is a lamp, 
and its teachings shine brightly.
Correction and self-control will lead you through life.   Proverbs 6:23 (CEV)

Where there is strife, there is pride,
but wisdom is found in those who take advice.   Proverbs 13:10 (NIV)

If you stop listening to instruction, my child,
you will turn your back on knowledge.    Proverbs 19:27 (NLT)

Have you ever run out of gas? Anyone who has been driving over five years has probably had this maddening experience. I think what makes it so frustrating is the clear indication right there in front of me – a gas gauge – that let’s me know when I need to pull in and fill up! Yes, there are excuses like a broken gauge or my spouse drove it last and left me with nothing but let me be honest and say that the reason I ran out of gas was because I didn’t pay attention to the warning sign! There’s a reason for a red light or a red area on the gauge. WARNING! Something bad is about to happen!

There are warnings in all parts of life. Red flags begin waving when a marriage is weakening. Lights flash when morals are compromised. An alarm sounds when faith begins to starve.

Warnings can look like depression, guilt, and bogus rationalizations. I begin to skip my daily time in prayer and Bible reading. I find an excuse not to go to worship or Bible study or avoid my friends who care enough about me to notice and confront me.

I’m trying to avoid the wake up call and become very adept at hitting the snooze button. It’s amazing how easily my hearing and sight can become selective. My thoughts are a chatter in my spirit to distract me from the truth. What am I doing? What should I be doing?

Spending time judging and poking my nose into what others are doing. Before I go out to tell others how to live, I need to make sure I have my own house in order. A sure sign that I am headed for a faith breakdown is when I spend more time watching and judging what others are doing than I am in allowing the Holy Spirit to examine me and repenting for my sins.

Watching TV and movies, wringing my hands over the state of the country. I have made a lifestyle change in the last few months and part of that change involved making notes on what I eat. It was a real eye-opener to put actual numbers to what I was eating. I didn’t like it much! Another interesting revelation was how I spend my time. How much TV do I watch? How much time did I spend online reading news sites and discussing with others how messed up it all is?

The Good Wife and Modern Family are not going to help me in my relationships the way time in Proverbs will. While The Amazing Race and Dancing With the Stars can be entertaining and I certainly need relaxation, have I asked God, giver of Wisdom, what He thinks I should be doing?

Doing things in secret. If I am sneaking chocolate late at night, I don’t need to be eating it, do I? Any activity that I am ashamed to do in front of my family or trusted friends, I don’t need to be doing. It may seem cliché but Jesus is watching! Have I conveniently forgot that?

Warning signs are there to tell me to stop and make a change. Take time to fill up my spiritual tank. Make a choice to fill up with premium activities that will help me live an abundant life. And keep myself in good working order by keeping up with regular maintenance like prayer, reading God’s Word and worship. Heed the warnings – or pay the high price of being broken down and going no where.

My Heart Will Trust written by Reuben Morgan and sung by Hillsong Worship Team




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