Please Help and Bless our Leaders

Please help the king to be honest and fair just like you, our God.
2 Let him be honest and fair with all your people, especially the poor.
3 Let peace and justice rule every mountain and hill.
4 Let the king defend the poor, rescue the homeless,

and crush everyone who hurts them.
5 Let the king live forever like the sun and the moon.
6 Let him be as helpful as rain that refreshes the meadows and the ground.
7 Let the king be fair with everyone,

and let there be peace until the moon falls from the sky.

8 Let his kingdom reach from sea to sea,
from the Euphrates River across all the earth.
9 Force the desert tribes to accept his rule,
and make his enemies crawl in the dirt.
10 Force the rulers of Tarshish and of the islands to pay taxes to him.
Make the kings of Sheba and of Seba bring gifts.
11Make other rulers bow down and all nations serve him.

12 Do this because the king rescues the homeless when they cry out,
and he helps everyone who is poor and in need.
13 The king has pity on the weak and the helpless
and protects those in need.
14 He cares when they hurt, and he saves them from cruel and violent deaths.

15 Long live the king!
Give him gold from Sheba.
Always pray for the king and praise him each day.
16 Let cities overflow with food and hills be covered with grain,
just like Mount Lebanon.
Let the people in the cities prosper like wild flowers.
17 May the glory of the king shine brightly forever
like the sun in the sky.
Let him make nations prosper and learn to praise him.

18 Lord God of Israel, we praise you.
Only you can work miracles.
19 We will always praise your glorious name.
Let your glory be seen everywhere on earth. Amen and amen.

20 This ends the prayers of David, the son of Jesse.             Psalm 72 (CEV)

How much time do we spend praying for our President, representatives, mayor and others who are responsible for governing our nation and cities? How much time do we spend complaining and attacking these same people? If FaceBook is any indication, not much of the former and ‘way too much of the latter!

Jesus did not spend any of His three years of ministry instructing us how to overthrow a government and if I read history, the Romans made our Republicans and Democrats look pretty benign! Other biblical authors like the writer of this psalm and Paul in his letters urge their readers to pray for kings and officials. They do not attack them personally or question their allegiance to God. They pray blessings on them so that they may rule with wisdom and mercy.

Let us learn and obey from Scripture. Instead of picking up the whip to flog an official, may we drop to our knees instead and pray.

God Bless America written by Irving Berlin and sung by Generald Wilson

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