The Battle Belongs to God

Jody note: Today I want to share a post from Pam Brown, who I know through her pastor husband, Kevin and daughter Katy, who are both authors with our publishing company, Energion Publications. Thanks, Pam, for sharing this word.

Pam Brown

I have been reading in Genesis in my Bible lately. I recently read about Abraham and how he and Sarah could not have a child, even though God had promised one to him. Abraham decided to take matters into his own hands and have a child with Sarah’s maid, Hagar. I am sure you are familiar with the events. Sarah does end up having a child and the whole thing ends up a mess because Abraham got ahead of God and tried to manipulate circumstances, out of God’s will. I am sure he thought he was helping God out. God doesn’t need our help. I have to remind myself of that sometimes…a lot.
Because of Abraham “helping God out” and not trusting Him to work it out caused the “birth” of a heathen, Jew-hating nation and the bedrock of the Muslim faith. The result of Abraham’s actions were very catastrophic but he did not even live on this earth to see the complete unfolding of his bad decision. I wonder if we live to see the complete results of our bad decisions?
I would like to think that I am smarter than Abraham but I am not. I often want to put God aside and fight my own battles and manipulte my own circumstances and make everything “work out.” I am slowly learning that I must let God handle certain things that are out of my hands. There is a little “control freak” in all of us, I suppose.
I think of songs we sing in church like “I’m counting on God…” or “I believe, yes, I believe…” We sing, “Not for a moment, did you forsake me…” Here is another of my favorites, “I will walk with you, knowing you’ll see me through…”
I then turn around and say to myself, “Well, I had better handle this because God is not helping me here. Where are you God???” Do you think Abraham thought the same thing? I am sure he did.
We can certainly learn from his example there of what NOT to do. Usually, when we try to manipulate God’s plans and go ahead of Him the results are disastrous. Because of God’s grace, He can take our messes and restore us but the results, messes and scars are still there from our sin.
Abraham ended up with his son, Isaac, which God had promised him, but it did not change the fact that Ishmael had been born and there were consequences.
2 Chronicles 20:15 says, “And he said, “Listen, all you of Judah…Thus says the Lord to you: ‘Do not be afraid nor dismayed…, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.”
We can do what the Lord requires of us, like be obedient and serve Him but HE must take care of the “impossible” tasks in our lives. We cannot control God’s timing and His perfect will.
Proverbs 21:31 says, “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance is of the Lord.”
Lastly, One of my favorite people in the Bible is Hezekiah. In 2 Kings we read of where the evil Assyrians come to Jerusalem to lay siege to the city. There are 185,000 of them and they are prepared to torture and murder everyone there. Hezekiah knows that his army is vastly outnumbered and there is NO WAY they can defeat the Assyrians. Hezekiah does not devise a clever battle plan but he prays all night while the Assyrians are camped outside the gates of Jerusalem. When the morning came all 185,000 of the Assyrians were dead in their tents. Hezekiah never raised a sword.
God took care of it! Always remember….The battle belongs to the Lord! He’s got your back. You don’t have to run ahead of him. He can handle it.

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