The Life Journey/Mission Continues

Dog runs with joyI have spent the last eight weeks praying and thinking about what is next in God’s plan for me. One of the specifics points was the question on whether to continue writing “daily devotions” as I have done for the last 15+ years. He took, what thought, was an exercise to keep me faithful and intentional in my own personal study of the Bible And then I began to share what He gave me to encourage a few friends who were also attempting to work full time, take care of their family and take care of their own spiritual health. I had no idea that God’s plan involved writing two books and a devotion group that numbered in the hundreds and from all over the world. Some wise seeking soul said, “If you make your plans with God, make them big!”

God taught me so much in our time together. He brought me through so many difficult days and rejoiced with me in so many others. And I believe He will continue to do so in all the days and nights in which I follow Him.

Jody's Hope BookmarkWhat’s next? I hear the words “get focused.” Time is growing short for me. No, I haven’t been diagnosed with any life-threatening illness, but in the general time of a human life, I have many less years to go than I have already lived. I do not want to miss an opportunity to be God’s hands and feet to bring His Good News to others. I am learning how to distinguish between a “good” idea or task, and a “God” idea or task.

And so this will be the last posting on this “devotion” website. From now on, I will post only on Jody Along the Path. There I will share whatever God is laying on my heart: a Bible meditation, an observation on daily happenings, thoughts on grief journeys, reviews of books or movies, even what I am doing in my job as a publisher and editor! I hope to communicate with you as we have done in the past. God bless you!

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