Are your Eyes on God or the Giant?

David spoke to the men who stood by him, saying, “What shall be done to the man who kills this Philistine, and takes away the reproach from Israel? For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?” 1 Samuel 17:26 (WEB)

I hope you will take a few minutes today and read 1 Samuel 17.  It would be a great story to read before you go to bed…action-packed and the Good Guy wins!  There are a few details that I hope you notice.  David was not part of King Saul’s army.  His older, bigger brothers were.  David was seen as too young; too little.  He just ‘happens’ to show up to deliver a few supplies from home and overhears the loud-mouth giant doing his twice-a-day taunt.  Israel’s army cowers in the bushes as they are scared witless.  They see only the giant.

David has spent his time in the fields watching over the family sheep.  He also spent time building his relationship with God.  He talked to Him.  He sang to Him.  David listened to Him. So when David heard the giant taunting God’s people – he didn’t see a giant – he heard someone taunting GOD!

I know what a giant sounds like in my life.  He blocks in the sun in my life and I feel like I am in the dark …better known as doubt.  Israel sees only how tall Goliath is or how much armor he has but David sees only how powerful his God is and how much God has already done for him.  Israel doesn’t talk about God.  David speaks only of God.  David knows the giant is there but he sees God more.

Notice that David speaks of the armies of God.  What does he mean by that plural?  There is only one army of Israel so I don’t think he is talking about that.  Maybe David is remembering that God is not just a single…He is hail.  He is wind.  He has platoons of angels.  God can collapse walls, part seas, and produce a thunder storm that can cause the biggest to cower.  I think David knew very well who was standing in front of Goliath!

David ran toward his giant.  When was the last time I ran toward the challenge in my life?  How often I duck my head and pull the blanket over my head!  David shows me that I can go on the offensive with my giant because I have the Spirit of God in me!  Load up my sling with the power of Jesus and let loose on that giant of depression or alcohol, or abuse or insecurity!!!

David spoke of the armies as belonging to the living God.  David did not worship a dead statue.  He knew that God was alive and there!  He knew God was close and not just an observer up on a distant throne.

David’s story is not one of big miracles like the parting seas that Moses saw or rising from the dead like Lazarus did.  David’s miracle was that God saw a heart that was for Him in a fallible man and used David to be a mighty king for His chosen people.  He will do that for me and you.  I can look at the giants in my life and stumble or I can look at God and walk in victory.

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