Just Because

Lord, hear my prayer; listen to my cry for mercy. 
Answer me because you are loyal and good.
Don’t judge me, your servant, because no one alive is right before you.  Psalm 143:1-2 (NCV)

Did you ever ask your parents “Why?” when they told you to do something? (I did!!!) And their response was “Because I said so!” or “Just because!”??? I can see the heads nodding. I swore that I would never use those phrases to respond to my own children because I hated it as a child. But about the time that they turned two or so – what came out of my mouth? I used those phrases because sometimes the “Why” was beyond their ability to understand. And sometimes I was just too tired to get into an explanation that would bring on even more questions!

God our Father, unlike me, is the perfect parent. I, as His child, ask questions that have answers far above my ability to understand. And then, there is the “stubborn child” part of me who sometimes does not want to understand. This psalm is a good prayer for those times when I am crying and God is still the good parent.

Hear me. Like the psalmist I begin my prayers always with asking God that He “Hear me” because in my human mind I can’t imagine how He can hear all these children with all these problems. But it is then that I remember that He is God and is not limited like me. And so while I know He is listening I bow my head because I know that I need to begin to repent. Not acknowledging my sin may be the only reason that God would have difficulty hearing my prayer. Pride – He cannot tolerate.

I am weak. Living in a fallen world is a series of marathons. It is running the race that God has given me with the pot holes and mountains that must be navigated. God knows my trials. He gave me His Spirit to infuse and renew my strength with His Light.

I remember. I remember all the times that God has shown me His faithfulness. I remember those times of unexpected, extraordinary love that God poured out on me – when I didn’t do anything to deserve it. It could be something as simple as a beautiful bird that lights on a branch so close that I can see its eyes. Waves on a beach or a rainstorm that remind me of God’s immeasurable power.

Hurry! God’s timing is never “off”. He is always “on time”. He answers and comes to me at the moment that I need it. This is the way God builds my trust in Him. I will not build physical muscles without some pain in exercise involved. And so it is with my spiritual health.

Teach me so I may share. As I learn more my Father so I can share that with others. God leads me through lessons and opportunities. Opportunities to glorify Him. It is about pointing people to Him. It is about teaching and empowering others to be Jesus’ disciples – not mine.

I hope you will take time today or this weekend to read Psalm 143. To pray Psalm 143. I was glad I did.

Show Me Your Way by Hillsongs 


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  1. Cece Campbell says:

    Jody, you may be following the story of the premature birth of Jesse’s twins, and our miracle in Aiden’s survival. I am sure you can relate to the roller coaster we are riding in all our lives right now. This showed up on Facebook at just the right moment for me. Bless you!

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